About us

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Our Dna: devotion, birth, listening.

Devotion: the factory’s craftswomen represent the engine of the production, to which they devote time and energy.
Birth: the company’s know-how allows the birth of collections with skill, precision and high technicality.
Listening: customer’s needs are materialized with empathy, care and attention to detail.


The collections are developed in high-end full fashioned knitwears. The techniques of execution, in both artisanal or industrial ways, allow to apply the looper seems even to the cutted pieces of knit.
We are able to do fittings, to industrialize the protos, to develop the sizes and to produce in quantity.


Electronic and  manual machines are constantly kept to the state of the art and guarantee the immediate study of the prototypes; both manual and electronic machines include the full range of gauges, from 3 to 18, plus Shima Seiki gauge 21 and Stoll latest laying-in technology.

Research, Innovation and Passion

Research and innovation are the main instruments to develop high-end and best quality products. Our response in programming the machines is extremely quick.

Starting from the study of a sketch, the prototype is created with the thread through various processes that require concentration, craftsmanship, love and  passion.

It has really been the passion that, in recent years, has moved two entrepreneurs of the italian fashion system to seize the opportunity to preserve the tradition of the company, not only by mantaining the wealth of knowledge inside it, but also by investing in young people eager to learn.

Our clients:

The company’s customers are the most important luxury brands, to whom the exclusivity of the product is highly guaranteed: from the study of the stitches to the fit of the knitted garment for both catwalk and bulk production.